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revolutionary programming

When you feel seen, you feel valued, you feel loved.  When you can share

that with others, it furthers the human connection and has the power to build conscious citizens of us all. 















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The mission of Rohi's Readery is to provide accessibility to all through the love of critical literacy, the talents and gifts of the community, and educational programming. Thus, programming is FREE (paid for by Rohi's Readery) unless otherwise stated on the event site. Donations are appreciated and will go back into Revolutionary Educational Programming.

As an early childhood and elementary school educator, the love of literacy brings me pure joy.  The Readery is meant to serve as a space for building that love through experiences and resources.  Whether it is through Revolutionary Storytime, a creative movement or art activity, bookmaking in our little lounge, all contribute to the development of a supportive literacy community. 

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