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501c3 non-profit critical initiative

we did it!

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Dear Loving Community,


We did it!! On Tuesday, 2/20, we achieved a significant milestone by successfully presenting the Styx Promenade Proposal during the Final Round (Minute 0:17:00 presentation, Commissioner Lambert endorsing at 1:27:33 and Commissioner Fox endorsing at 1:30:19, voting at 1:35:23) to the Mayor of WPB, CRA Commissioners, and the public forum. This success has granted us the opportunity to purchase and own a two-building property in the Northwest Historic District. (See images below of the experience!)

Now, we turn to you for support in making our vision a reality. Your contribution will play a pivotal role in facilitating a space for generations to come. With your help, we can amplify our impact, foster connections, and champion the voices that deserve to be heard.


This strategic location will serve as a hub for Rohi's Readery as well as Rohi's Liberation Station, a non-profit critical initiative aimed at fostering libratory literacy experiences, honoring historically marginalized communities, and cultivating intentional early childhood reading readiness programming, Little Revolutionaries, through the arts and culture. 


Our mission is to establish a permanent and welcoming space that mirrors the rich diversity of Palm Beach County, honors historically marginalized communities, and serves as a sanctuary where the transformative power of literature intersected with community can be discovered by everyone, regardless of age, background, or identity.


The strength of the Black community has always been evident in the Northwest District and the history of the Styx. Every dollar counts, and your generosity will help us turn the dream of a permanent home for Rohi's Readery into a reality.


Thank you for being a crucial part of our community and for supporting the transformative power of literature. Together, let's build a space where everyone feels seen, heard, valued and LIBERATED!


With gratitude,

Pranoo (she/they/we)

Owner, Founder, and Education Leader

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