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A social justice driven children's bookstore dedicated to critical literacy that promotes inclusivity and diversity.

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How can we promote culturally responsive practices and ensure our babies are empowered citizens through the art of storytelling?  

Rohi's Readery serves as a space to build community. 

To be Seen. Valued. Loved. Belong. And to live your Unapologetic Truth. 

Where adults and children are co-constructors of learning and knowledge. We like to think of it as cultivating the genius that is already within our littlest ones. We provide live and virtual "Shades of Brown" read alouds, family literacy support, free educational programming, Revolutionary Storytime, highlight authors and illustrators of the Global Majority, and ensure that every community member we come into contact with is heard. Communities that have been historically marginalized deserve spaces to honor, celebrate and acknowledge the history of the past and what's to come of the future.

Located on stolen ancestral Seminole and Tequesta land.

The Readery makes this acknowledgment to remind ourselves that, by being here today, we strive to remedy this injustice through our beliefs and actions in rooting content in anti-racist work and disrupting colonized pedagogies.


rev·o·lu·tion·ar·y read·er



Leading and creating great change through reading

"We read something, we learn something, we shared it with the world!"

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our commitment


To see characters with skin in beautiful shades of Black & Brown


To share & uplift historical content that has been suppressed in school textbooks


To see characters  reflective of the disability and neurodiverse community


To present non-fiction texts that honor the strength & courage of every day community members


To see characters who identify with the LGBTQIA+ community


To provide accessibility to free critical literacy resources and workshops for the community 

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I take the time to pay respect and honor to those who came before me who have allowed me to fully embrace this work with unapologetic truth. My ancestors and family members who have been committed to the fair and equitable treatment of human beings. The historically marginalized communities who have been laying the groundwork for activism from the very beginning. I would be remiss if I did not acknowledge that the work that I am doing is not new, but instead built on the feeling of gratitude and inspiration from those who have had the courage to speak about all things social justice, especially when it pertains to children.

I am the proud immigrant daughter of Konkani Indian immigrants, a career changer from medicine to education, and an activist committed to inclusive education.



I'm Pranoo